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Systemic Counselling,
Coaching and Therapy

“Problems aren't the problem;
coping is the problem”

Virginia Satir

Home: Anliegen

Problems in your relationship
or with parenting

“Act always so as to increase
the total number of choices.”

Heinz von Förster

Home: Mein Ansatz

Changing and expanding
one's inner maps

“Everybody believes that one's own reality

is the real reality.”

Hilde Domin

Home: Unser Prozess

Contact and joining in
preliminary session

“Storytelling reveals meaning without

committing the error of defining it.”

Hannah Arendt

Home: Zur Person

Systemic therapist
(Systemic Institute Tübingen)

When we are no longer able to change a situation,
we are challenged to change ourselves

Viktor Frankl

Home: Kontakt

Dr. Michael Arndt

Gartenstraße 20 (GF)
72074 Tübingen

07071 / 1389573

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